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There is something so magical about butterflies.   The Monarch Garden captures that magic. 


This beautiful piece features a Rosarita cabochon for the body of my butterfly.  The wings are fashioned from hand-pierced NuGold atop intricately textured and patinated Sterling Silver.  This piece can be worn as a pin... but the magic is that the pin has been designed to be suspended from the Bouquet of Flowers pendant.  Each of the flowers features a faceted blue spinel for added sparkle.  Abracadabra... three lovely pieces of jewelry in one!  The necklace is a 20-inch Ruthenium Plated Diamond Cut Bead Chain.


Thank you so much for taking a moment to stop by and see my work.  If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.  Your support means everything to me!


Big Ole Henretty Hugs... Deb and The Ravens Nest

The Monarch's Garden