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 Sizing Information

Sizing Information

Let's make sure that your jewelry will fit when it arrives.  To print Deb's Raven Nest Sizing Chart out, click the red button. Make sure you set your printer to 100%.  To insure the page printed accurately, I recommend measuring the templates with a ruler.  Cut out the template(s) on the outside of the black border.  Follow the directions on the printed page to get the best fit... Wrap around your finger, wrist or hand.  I find visual aids help me, so I've included some tips and photos to help.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.  I'm here to help!

...until your cuff is in place!  Easy on!

Cuff On, Cuff Off!

Many people open and close their cuffs to put them on, fit them, and take them off.  The stress on the metal can cause the cuff to break.  No worries, though, as there is a proper way to put a cuff on and take it off.  Cuff etiquette will ensure that your piece will "cuff" for years to come!  

When you get a new cuff, you'll want to gently adjust it to fit your wrist comfortably.  Moving forward, follow these easy steps to keep you cuff in tip-top shape.

About an inch or so from where you hand meets your wrist, you'll find you're soft spot.


Gently press the end of your cuff into your soft spot.


Gently begin to roll the cuff around your wrist while holding the end in the soft spot.


Continue rolling...

To remove your cuff, simply find that soft spot, gently press one end into it, and roll the cuff off.  Easy off!

Cuff On

Have a pen ready.  An assistant is a great asset when measuring for cuffs, bangles and bracelets.  If one isn't available, a piece of two sided tape is your best friend!


Clink on an image to see a larger view.

Ring Sizing
Measuring for a cuff
Measuring for a bangle!
Measuring for a bracelet

Caring For Your Jewelry

Happily, caring for your jewelry is a pretty simple task.    Here are some tips:

  • Chemicals may affect the finish on your jewelry.  Best to put your jewelry on AFTER products like lotion, perfume, hairspray, etc.  Cleaning products such as bleach and chlorine are not friends of jewelry.  

  • Tarnish naturally occurs when metal reacts  with elements in the air and water.  If the resulting patina is not to your liking, there are polishing cloths, paste, etc to bring back the shine. In a pinch, I use a bit of ketchup! Just apply, rub gently with your finger, rinse and wipe dry with a soft, lint-free cloth (microfiber is a good choice). Paper toweling may scratch your piece.

  • Avoid tarnish by storing your jewelry in an air-tight container and away from light.  I put my individual pieces into small plastic bags (which also protects pieces from scratches) and store those in my jewelry box with silica.   (Hang on to those silica packages that accompany just about everything you buy.  They are terrific for absorbing the moisture and will slow down tarnish.)

  • If you live near the ocean, or have a high acidity level, your jewelry may turn black.  No worries! Regular cleaning will take care of that.

Caring for Your Jewelry
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