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These beautiful earrings are  my newest design and I love them.  The design allows for motion and a bit of music as well.


The design is reminescent of a grand cathedral. The earrings feature hand-crafted fused glass cabochons set on sterling silver backplates.  The cabochons are  suspended from the top arch and, in turn, a mirrored arch is suspected from them.  All three pieces move in unison and the movement is graceful and eye-catching.  I made a pair for myself and just love the barely audible bell-like music they play when I walk... it's pleasant and relaxing.  


The drop of these earrings is approximately 2 5/8- inches.


A very special thanks to Francesca Watson for sharing her magical connection tips that allow for the kinectic movement in my Magic in Motion earrings.


Thank you so much for  visiting Deb's Raven Nest.  Please drop by anytime for a visit.  Questions and comments are welcome and your support is greatly appreciated.

Magic in Motion Earrings

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