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Emboldened by the shadows of the eclipse, Luna donned the gift of this cloak and danced to the Edge of the Night…. Like her namesake, Luna’s Cloak has several phases. The first is a gorgeous pendant with a hidden compartment to hold her secrets. As befits the Empress of the night, she rides upon a hand-forged chain.  And, as if by magic, the chain transforms into a shimmering necklace or layered bracelet. 

Luna's Cloak is a very unique and beautiful piece of jewelry designed for the individual with the very same qualities. The stunning heart -- with embedded sterling moonbeams -- and face  are both handmade glass lampwork cabochons by artist Sue Nottoli Wade.  Fashioned from both Fine Silver and Sterling Silver (just less that 2 ounces), this piece measures 3" at the longest and just shy of 1.5" at the widest points.  Weighing in at 1.27 ounces, the custom handmade sterling silver chain/necklace/bracelet measures 24-inches long.

Luna's Cloak

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