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Pretty and practical!  This lovely double-strand bracelet combines magnetic hematite twist beads with small rainbow bicone and magnetic silver beads in between.  A Tibetan silver spacer bead separates each grouping.  Super easy to close with the magnetic clasps!  This bracelets measures  7 3/4" from end to end.  I used soft flex beading wire to string the bracelet for added security.

Please note:  Keep magnets away from children.  They have been known to ingest them posing a serious health risk.  If you have a pacemaker or similar device magnets may interfere with it's  performance.  Consult your physician!

Hematite Magnetic Bracelet 7 3/4"


  • It is best not to wear jewelry in the shower, swimming pool, hot tub, etc.  The heat and chemicals are not friends to any jewelry.  

    With a magnetic clasp, the natural tendency is to pull it apart when it's time to remove it.  A better practice is to grip the two ends amd open it that way.