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I hope every child has experienced the pure joy of running through the grass, looking over their shoulder and seeing their kite take flight.  FLY! celebrates that magical moment.


FLY!!! features a beautiful Pink Opal (Peruvian)  set in a fine silver gallery bezel.  The additional sterling beading adds sparkle and interest.  The reverse side has been hand-pierce with a reminder to the wearer to "FLY!"  along with the universal symbol of love.  In addition to the message of love and encouragement, the stone is visible.  Adding to the whimsy is the kite tail fashioned from sterling silver with "ties" of  sterling and NuGold.  


FLY!!! is a simple but profound message of encouragement.  What a perfect gift for a graduate, someone embarking on an adventure, a person facing/overcoming adversity... or just to remind yourself of the jobs of childhood.


FLY!!! is an original design with a great message.  This kite measures 1 1/8" wide x 1 1/2" long. Add another 2" for the tail!  The full length will be approximately just shy of  3 3/4".

FLY!!! Pendant (Pink Opal)

SKU: FLY!PinkOpal
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