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This gorgeous Hubei Turquoise with it green "foliage" is the inspiration for "Lily's Pad."  The cabochon sits atop a silver pond. I designed complimentary prongs that mimic lily pads to hold the turquoise in place.  Of course, Lily the Frog sits atop her favorite pad, surrounded by several other "pads," each at a varying degree of growth as demonstrated by their various heights. I did, of course, feel the need to "gild the lilies."  Each of the prongs and sterling silver pads has been KeumBoo'd with 24 gold foil (much thicker then gold leaf).  The back of the piece  reveals four bails that will allow the wearer to choose the view of the pendant option.  Additionally, the clasp for the pinback is a gilded lily pad.


Lily's Pad is a unique, delightful, one-of-a-kind piece that can be worn as a pendant or brooch.





Lily's Pad!

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