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This simply yet elegant bracelet features crystal bicone beads on handmade copper elements.  A perfect accessory day or night, the bracelet measures 7 3/8"

Black Bicone & Copper Bracelet - 7 3/8"

SKU: BiconeBracelet

  • It is best not to wear jewelry in the shower, swimming pool, hot tub, etc.  The heat and chemicals are not friends to any jewelry.  

    With a magnetic clasp, the natural tendency is to pull it apart when it's time to remove it.  A better practice is to grip the two ends amd open it that way.

  • Size really does matter when it comes to rings, bracelets, bangles and cuffs.   Click here to print out Deb's Raven Nest Sizing Guide.  You'll also find tips to help you get the best fit.